How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In The Summer

You may have started to notice little pests like cockroaches or even spiders come out of small cracks. Spring is finally here, the time of the year to turn your house into a pest-free zone. Getting it done between the late spring or early summer season gives you a head start to prevent nests and termite colonies from visiting your home.

Of course, you can use your own pest prevention remedies, but those only last a short period of time. With Mr Termite to help you, you can be sure that your pest control measures will stay in place for up to 3 months! That pretty much covers the summer period of pest infestations.

Nobody like cockroaches! They are dirty, unsightly and they fly. Cockroaches prefer warm, humid conditions with a readily available food source, much like your home in the summer. And they’ll spread a range of disease-producing organisms to humans, kids and adults alike. As a first precaution, it’s best not to leave crumbs around the house because what they will eat what they see!


How to get rid of cockroaches?

Now that you know a little more about cockroaches, Mr Termite is here to give you some techniques so that you can keep cockroaches away forever!

  1. Keep a spotless kitchen. The more you keep your kitchen and appliances spotless, the fewer cockroaches you will see.
  2. Don’t leave food out overnight because you’ll definitely wake up in the morning seeing some sort of bug, if it’s not a cockroach it will be ants. So put it away before you go to bed to prevent any of this from happening.
  3. Seal up any cracks! Cockroaches hides in cracks in the walls, confined spaces, kitchen cupboards, and more. If you find any open spaces, fix it straight away.
  4. Dispose of your garbage regularly! The more rubbish you leave around your house, the more cockroaches you will see.

Just applying these techniques will significantly reduce the chances of cockroaches visiting your home. If Mr Termite notices anything on the day of spraying your house,  we’ll recommend suggestions to you to prevent any future problems. And remember, if you see one cockroach in your home, chances are there are more hiding in your corners.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in queensland and are in need of a quick and effective solution to rid your home of roaches, contact us before it it’s too late and we’ll provide a long-term solution for you.

Your trusted team @ Mr. Termite

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