Transport and Logistics protection

Warehouse and transportation facilities face unique challenges when it comes to pest control and termite treatment. For many warehouses, there is only so much they can do to screen shipments for pests, and with goods being transported across the country and potentially the world,

vehicle pest control

is vital to limit the risk of unwanted pests entering facilities.


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Mr Termite Pest Control understands that it is vital for warehouse and transportation businesses to be able to keep their pests under control, for the safety of their staff, clients and the end consumer. The best defence is a good offense, and keeping your facilities protected is a must.

We can help you do this in a number of ways

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Warehouse termite inspections

We can conduct a preliminary inspection to assess the risk areas in your warehouse or transportation hub. Once this inspection is carried out, we’ll be able to tell you if you have any existing pest problems and where your high-risk areas might be. We can then offer solutions as to how better to protect your establishment going forward.


Reporting and certification

Once any necessary work has been completed, we’ll be able to issue you with certification to say that we have been and assessed your building. This will help you to assure staff, clients and the end consumer that your facility is safe and pest-free. It will also help to provide documentation ahead of your next inspection.


Guarantees and insurance

If we do have to carry out any pest removal services for you, all of this work comes with a guarantee. This will guarantee that your business premises will remain termite free for a year. The warranty comes standard with the work, at no extra cost to you. Our status as Termidor accredited specialists means that you will also benefit from an additional warranty of up to $2 million to cover damage to property inflicted by termites after pest control work has been carried out.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you’ve seen signs of pests moving into your space, reach out and let Queensland’s leading pest exterminator take care of the rest.