As one of the most popular regions in Australia, Brisbane has proven to attract a growing population of new homebuyers. Many Australians are opting for the sunny lifestyle that Brisbane affords and are on the hunt for their dream home on the coast. With this, comes a growing demand for building and pest inspections in Brisbane properties from owners and buyers alike. Homeowners that are looking to sell are hoping to increase their market value by ensuring a pest free property, while homebuyers are requesting building and pest inspections from those that don’t.


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These pre-purchase pest inspections serve to assess Brisbane homes for potential infestations and subsequent structural damage in order to accurately measure the value of the property. Property values are quick to drop when pest inspections reveal the infestations beneath the surfaces of Brisbane homes. Here at Mr Termite, we employ a team of Termidor accredited specialists who are equipped with an arsenal of the latest in pest control technology. Each technician is both experienced and qualified in conducting a thorough pest inspection for any and all local homes to ensure that the property is meticulously scanned for unwanted visitors.

Brisbane Pest Inspections

In Brisbane, pest inspections are usually conducted with special concern for termite infestations. Termites pose a particular threat to the structure of a home because of their wood-eating nature.

There are approximately five different species of termites native to Brisbane and, while each species presents various habits, they are all colonial by nature. Each of these colonies can consist of approximately 15,000,000 termites and only 0.02% of them need to survive the year to successfully chew through 90m² of wood. With this in mind, one can only imagine how much damage can be done to a home when left untreated.

Many homeowners are unaware of their infestation until the time comes to sell. Considering the growing number of affected homes found in Brisbane, termite inspections are therefore highly recommended for all homeowners to ensure a safe and secure property. These termite inspections not only work to identify the possibility of an infestation but also double as building inspections which determine structural damage or decaying framework.

Choose Mr Termite for Your Brisbane Pre-purchase Pest Inspections

Here at Mr Termite, our dedicated technicians work tirelessly to analyse your property for infestations in order to deliver the most accurate pre-purchase inspections in Brisbane. We’ve developed a strict process for our pest inspections to guarantee an extensive and thorough analysis of potential threats to your home. This perfected process has uncovered countless homes with local Brisbane termite infestations which have been treated with the best in pest control solutions. If you suspect a pest problem in your home, take a look at our Pest Control page for more information on the treatments available for your Brisbane home.

With a team of accredited professionals at your service, hiring Mr Termite Pest Control is the sure fire way to eradicate your pest problem for good. Speak to one of our specialists for an obligation free quote today!