Household pests are plentiful and come in many different shapes and sizes, each doing something to make your home unsanitary or structurally unsound. The local and experienced team at Mr Termite Pest Control are able to locate and identify insects and pests native to and common in the south of Brisbane, and you can feel rest assured they have the best and safest practices to rid your home of these uninvited guests.


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Affordable & Effective Pest Control Brisbane South

Mr Termite Pest Control provides quality pest inspections to your property, thoroughly investigating all possible pests without disturbing their nests and stirring up new infestations in different areas of the house. Visit our Brisbane’s Building and Pest Inspections page for further information on how our helpful team can assist you in locating and identifying pests on your property.

The team at Mr Termite Pest Control are well equipped and skilled at treating a variety of pests, including insects such as bed bugs, fleas, ticks, silverfish, and termites. We also provide rodent/ant control and use a variety of treatments including pest sprays, termite control measures such as termite inspections and chemical termite barriers.

If you have noticed any signs of pest infestations on your property, now is the time to contact the friendly pest control experts at Mr Termite Pest Control on 07 331 30942.