The sun and surf of the gorgeous Gold Coast bring with them heat and humidity. While this is the perfect destination for beach lovers and those wanting a change, it’s also the perfect destination for an uninvited guest – the dreaded termite. Giant termites have travelled south from the Tropics in recent years, making there home on the Gold Coast. The most aggressive and largest termite species, these giants quickly rip through buildings and have even been recorded to damage bitumen and rubber.


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Termites spread into populated areas from gum trees which are plentiful in the surrounding national parks of the Gold Coast. Once they find their way onto your property, they work their way in from under the concrete foundations into walls of a building. They seek out moist areas in the walls where plumbing may leak or cause moisture in the wood. This nasty process leaves your timber framework structurally unsound, creating a dangerous home and tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your seaside property. A colony of giant termites could do severe damage to your home in as little as three months. The damage caused to the wood is irreparable, meaning the task of rebuilding is massive and stressful not only to your pocket but to your lifestyle. It means saying goodbye to your home as you currently know it.

The summer of 2017/2018 saw a plague of termites infesting the Gold Coast, with hotspots in Tallebudgera, Worongary and Southport. The colonies that have infested these areas are spreading out to surrounding suburbs to expand and find more timber to devour.

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