Australia has a particularly large population of brushtail possums who love to live in the roofing of your household and scurry around during the night time. Brushtail possums are very opportunistic creatures and are quick to make any empty space their home and territory. In cases like these,

possum removal

becomes a problem because when one possum is removed from their habitat, another possum will quickly come in and occupy this territory.


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Possum in a tree

Effective possum pest control

Possums are nocturnal creatures, so while you’re sleeping soundly they could be doing damage to your property, all of which goes unnoticed until it’s too late! Able to damage insulation, chew through electrical wires, or contaminate your property through their droppings, not to mention the noise they make, possum control is vital for Queensland residents who want the best for their home and family.

We believe the best form of offense is defense in this case, and identify the entry points possums are using to make your home their own. Once identified we seal all available access points to ensure your home is safe and secured. With our trusted reputation throughout Queensland, you can rest easy knowing your home is in safe hands.


How to prevent possums

If you do not want to call upon the help of possum catchers, here are a few simple methods on how to prevent possums in your home.

Set up motion-activated lights or sprinklers: placing motion activated devices near the perimeter of your house and other spots possums visit will frighten the possum away and prevent them from habitating in your home and surrounding areas
Remove food sources: brushtail possums are attracted to any source of food regardless of whether they are scraps or not. Try to avoid feeding your pets outside and make sure possums cannot scavenge in your trash can. These are a few simple steps you can implement to rid your home of unwanted possums.

Mr. Termite are the trusted choice no matter what types of pests are calling your home their own. Across residential and commercial locations, we’re Queensland’s #1 choice. Here at Mr Termite Pest Control, we have a team of experienced possum catchers who will ensure that these brushtail possums are removed from your home for good. Give us a call on 0411 642 351 or email us at [email protected] and one of our rodent removing professionals will be happy to help!