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Statistics show that approximately 32% of homes in the country have a history of termite infestations which have caused the State tens of millions of dollars in damages each year. Don’t become a statistic and call Mr Termite today for a pest control treatment that gets rid of your infestation for good!

All work comes with 12 month warranties.

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At Mr Termite pest control, we are pest exterminating professionals with a particular expertise in banishing termites from all types of properties. Termites are a common but destructive pest which can cause huge amounts of damage if not dealt with quickly and effectively.

We have built up years of experience in exterminating pests across Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Gold Coast, refining our techniques and guaranteeing 100% success.

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We are a local business, employing local residents with local expertise. By really knowing the area we serve, we can help our customers in ways that national firms cannot. We have a deep understanding of our area and the particular patterns adopted by local pests. We can therefore tailor our approach and the advice we offer to give a much better service to our customers.


We are a family-friendly pest extermination business, based in Queensland, Australia. Termite control can be an invasive process, which requires the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. We make sure that 100% of the chemicals and equipment that we use are safe for use around children and animals and that our working methods cause as little disruption as possible.

About Termites

Termites are small insects which are thought to have evolved from the cockroach. They are among the most successful breeders on the planet, having made large colonies on every continent, except Antarctica. Colonies can vary wildly in size, with the smallest being home to just several hundred termites and the largest housing several million.

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Unlike other insects, termites have a long lifespan, with some queens having been recorded to have lived for longer than 30 years. They breed quickly, with some queens able to lay up to 1,000 eggs a day. There is strength in numbers, and insects with such a long lifespan and short breeding cycle make for reproductive perfection. This is great news for the termites, but not such good news for the person whose property they have invaded.


Termites feed on dead plant matter and are not fussy about what shape or size it comes in. Dead plant matter includes the wood used to construct our homes, businesses and public buildings. This is what makes them such a uniquely destructive pest. Termites are one of the major causes of property damage across Australia. They are common pests but can be persistent and hard to get rid of. With such a fast reproductive cycle, they multiply and multiply, causing exponentially increasing levels of destruction. If left untreated, a single colony can cause thousands, and even millions, of dollars of damage to public and private property.

Termite Control

Unlike infestations of other pests, termite colonies require specialist and often expensive equipment to deal with. This makes DIY termite treatment time-consuming, difficult and costly, not to mention ineffective. Leave it to the professionals and let Mr Termite take care of all of your termite needs.

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We carry out termite inspections on properties, enforce termite barriers, carry out termite exterminations and help our clients to keep their properties completely termite free.


We use state-of-the-art technology, such as thermal imaging cameras, to pinpoint the location of termite colonies inside properties and to measure their size and scope. We have specialist concrete drills to access harder to reach areas and specialist equipment to administer the anti-termite treatment.


We are a Termidor-accredited pest control agency. We have been through extensive training and passed written examinations to ensure that we pass the rigorous standards set by Termidor. This accreditation is a mark of professionalism and quality and one which we wear with pride!

Warranty Information

Once your member of the Mr Termite team has visited your property to carry out an extermination, you will be issued with a warranty certificate. We are so confident in the quality of our work, we issue a certificate as standard to our customers, to guarantee that your home will remain free from termites for a whole year.

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After the year is up, you will have the chance to extend your warranty for a further 12 months. As long as you have followed all of the advice which was outlined in your original warranty document, your warranty should be eligible for a year’s extension. During the annual inspection of your property, a member of our team will check for signs of termite activity and decide whether further treatment is required before extending your warranty.

We use Termidor to exterminate termites and have earned the status of being Termidor accredited specialists. This means that in addition to our own warranty on our services, our customers are also eligible for a warranty to cover damage caused by termites. After the extermination has been completed, if the termites return you are eligible to claim for any damage up to a total of $2 million. Check out the Termidor website for more details.


Mr Termite Pest Control is proud to help customers with termites living in or near Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and the Gold Coast. We are a local company employing local residents, giving us the benefit of being experts in our local environment. We know Queensland’s pests better than anyone! We know what they like, where they come from and how to make them stay away for good.

Being a local business has not only improved our ability to offer bespoke and high-quality services to clients but working across just four different locations means that our pest control professionals will never have too far to travel to come to you. We can localise our team of professionals and organise them accordingly, making us able to respond to callouts much more quickly and efficiently.

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