Reticulation System

Reticulation systems are designed to keep termites from damaging the perimeters and foundations of your home.  Ideally, every home should be fitted with an effective reticulation system to prevent the problem from ever occurring as opposed to treating it when it happens.


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Termite anti termite

Effective termite reticulation

An effective termite reticulation system should be installed underneath and around your home, while your home is still being constructed.  This reticulation system is made of a series of pipes that surround the perimeter of your home and is equipped with filters that pump out chemicals.  The pipes then distribute this chemical into the soil of your garden so that termites are prevented from entering your home through the soil, acting as a liquid barrier.  Termite reticulation systems use chemicals that are completely safe for the environment and other living beings making it one of the easiest solutions for pest prevention.


Ongoing protection

Depending on the type of chemical liquid barrier your reticulation system uses, your barrier should remain stable and termite free for at least 5-8 years.  Once the chemical is no longer active, professional services such as ours have the necessary tools to replenish it for you.  We highly recommend that you install a reticulation system, or get your current termite reticulation checked if you are building a new home or live in a high termite risk area.

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