Once a member of the Mr Termite team has visited your property to carry out an extermination, you will be issued with a warranty certificate. We are so confident in the quality of our work we issue a certificate as standard to our customers to guarantee that your home will remain free from termites for a whole year.

After the year is up, you will have the chance to extend your warranty for a further 12 months. As long as you’ve followed all of the advice which was outlined in your original warranty document, your warranty should be eligible for a year’s extension. During the annual inspection of your property, a member of our team will check for signs of termite activity and decide whether further treatment is required before extending your warranty.

Termidor Warranty

We use Termidor to exterminate termites and have earned the status of being Termidor accredited specialists. This means that in addition our own warranty on our services, our customers are also eligible for a warranty to cover damage caused by termites. After the extermination had been completed, if the termites return you should be eligible to claim for any damage up to a total of $2 million. Check out the Termidor website for more details.

Insurance Certificates

In addition to the two types of warranty outlined above, Mr Termite is also able to offer an insurance package against Termite infestations. Insurance offers homeowners and property managers the peace of mind to know that they are covered in the event of an infestation, both for the cost of extermination and for the cost of repairing any damage to your property.

Our insurance policy covers customers for any structural damage to their property which is caused by termites, it comes into effect as soon as we have carried out an anti-termite treatment on your property. The insurance is valid for five years after treatment. This policy is underwritten and guaranteed by Pacific International Insurance Pty Limited, a specialist in pest management insurance.

The policy is classed as ‘no fault’, so you shouldn’t have to worry about lengthy claims and long delays before receiving any compensation due to you.

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