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The sight of an unwelcome spider in your home can send shivers up your spine. What’s worse is knowing the one spider you’ve seen could be nesting in your home along with others! With spiders able to cause stress to young children and families, not to mention the risk of dangerous bites, it’s important to find a proven spider control team you can trust. At Mr Termite Pest Control, if you’ve found yourself hosting unwanted eight-legged guests, we’ve got the latest technologies and most effective strategies to ensure your spider infestation is promptly removed in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and & Ipswich.


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Give spiders the flick with efficient spider control

While most of us would prefer not to think about them, the reality is that spiders are adept at making your home their own. As is the case for most crawling insects, any opportunity they get to find a warm place or accessible entry point, you may need spider control without knowing it. From open windows to toys left outside, gaps between bricks and cracks in the facade of your house, it doesn’t take much for spiders to find their way in.

As Queensland’s #1 choice for lasting spider control we have the experience to identify where your spider infestation is based, and effectively target those locations with modern treatments that are safe for your family, but lethal to spiders.


Lasting spider control

At Mr Termite, our spider control treatments are the best in the business. Our thorough services find the source of your spider infestation and eliminate it, not treating the symptoms but targeting the root cause across all residential locations. Our treatment plans are tailored to suit your home and the species of spider you’re dealing with, with our flexible approach a feature of our success over the years.

If you want a long term solution to an eight legged problem call Mr Termite Pest Control today! Our spider control treatments are specially designed to get rid of your problem and make sure they won’t come crawling back. Talk to our pest control professionals by calling 0411 642 351 and find out how we can get rid of your spider infestation today.