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We can all recall a time when we threw rocks and sticks at a buzzing nest when we were a kid, only to run away crying and screaming when a cloud of wasps chased after us. There is nothing more terrifying than a wasp nest near your home, particularly if you have young children. If you feel like your backyard or garden has turned into a minefield of flying insects then wasp control is

what you need.


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Getting rid of wasps with professional wasp control

Even pets aren’t immune to the devastating sting of the winged yellow pest. Being stung by a wasp is painful and potentially fatal if you have a severe allergic reaction. You may be tempted to try and remove the nest on your own but doing so can be very dangerous if you do it incorrectly and anger the nest.

So if you want to protect your family and pets then let Mr. Termite do all the work for you, with our experience eradicating flying insects simply unmatched. All our wasp control services have a 12-month warranty which is our way of proving to you that our services are professional and effective. Our passion and determination to produce high-quality services are why many of our satisfied customers trust us over the rest.


What To Expect

When you call Mr. Termite for a wasp control service you can expect to have highly trained and experienced technicians inspect your home and the areas of concern and report back to you with what the best cause of action would be. With years of residential pest control experience we’ll give you the cheapest and most effective way to remove the wasps for good.

Depending on your circumstances, wasp control service would typically involve an assessment of the wasp hive and the surrounding areas. Any children and pets will then be evacuated from the area to ensure their security. This process will be done with utmost care in order to not disrupt the wasps and provoke them to attack. Finally, our experts will take the necessary measures to eradicate the wasp, this is typically done by spraying a pesticide.

If you’re feeling trapped or stressed through the presence of wasps, reach out and speak to a member of our eradication team to take your home back for good. We cover Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich