Flea Treatment Brisbane & Gold Coast

For those us with pets, finding ways of getting read of fleas

 always a high priority as they pose a great health risk. Whether you are a pet owner or not, fleas are not something we want in our household therefore it is important to implement flea treatment methods to keep them away. Fleas are parasitic animals that feed on the blood of their host body. Fleas on humans are often a major health and sanitary risk because flea bites have the potential to cause allergic reactions and severe itching.


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Golden retriver puppy

Flea Treatment on Dogs

More often than not, flea infestations will come from your pet dog or cat who have contracted it from other animals.  The fur of your pets provides a great breeding and sleeping ground for fleas because they are the perfect temperature and humidity.  Fleas on dogs can cause itching and flea bites can often be a costly problem if not dealt with as soon as possible. That’s why we offer safe flea control treatments as part of our residential pest control services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich.

Flea Treatment on Cats

Fleas on cats are especially prevalent during the spring and summer times making it essential that proper flea control is undergone.  In less serious situations, you will notice that there are fleas on cats if you notice your cat excessively scratching or licking itself.  In more serious infestation situations, fleas on a cat can be spotted moving and jumping on your cat’s body.

Getting rid of fleas can often be difficult without the help of professional flea treatment. If you have a flea control problem or a general pest control problem, that you would like to get taken care of please reach out and one of our professionals at Mr Termite Pest Control will be happy to assist you!