Retail Pest Control Brisbane & Gold Coast

The presence of pests in a retail environment is an absolute killer for the customers as well as staff safety. We provide reliable retail pest control that is effective with our years of industry experience and satisfied customer testimonials in our quality and service.

Pests can enter through multiple entry points during deliveries, foot traffic, open doors and shopfronts, and storage areas that are perfect hiding spots for pests. The importance of retail pest control is crucial in order to avoid damage to stock and store equipment.


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Your business may be at risk in a number of ways including:

  • Damaged store goods
  • Decline in reputation
  • Loss of investment
  • A decrease in sales & revenue
cockroach in retail environment

Benefits of retail pest control

At Mr Termite we offer a high-quality retail pest control service run by dedicated and experienced workers who are passionate about eliminating and avoiding pests and bring you back the safety and potential of your business. Trained to identify the native pests and administer the appropriate pest control treatment to ensure your pests are completely wiped out and avoid future infestation. We can guarantee your satisfaction through our professional services and offer a 12-month guarantee. We cover Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich


Our service for retail pest control

Our servicing plan for retail pest control covers all relevant areas in your facility including storerooms, cooking areas, garbage areas and dock/receiving areas which are the most livable areas for all pests. Our termite protection treatment involves a chemical barrier that will deeply penetrate through all areas getting rid of unwanted guests and saving yourself from further termite damage. The latest equipment and our qualified exterminators will give you promising results for your business.

We are the professionals of the industry and will always provide a retail pest control olution that is tailored to your needs. Talk to us today about your requirements and we will consult with you to eliminate and avoid any pests that get in the way of your business.