Who We Are

We are termite specialists

The clue’s in the name! At Mr Termite pest control, we are pest exterminating professionals with expertise in banishing termites from all types of properties. Termites are a common but destructive pest which can cause huge amounts of damage if not dealt with quickly and effectively.

We are local

We know the area we serve, so we can help our customers in ways national firms could never hope to. We understand our area and the patterns adopted by local pests, so we can tailor our approach and the advice we offer to give a much better service to our customers.

We are family friendly

We are a family-friendly pest extermination business, based in Queensland, Australia. Termite control can be an invasive process, which requires the use of harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. We make sure that 100% of the chemicals and equipment that we use are safe for use around children and animals and that our working methods cause as little disruption as possible.

We are Termidor accredited

We are a Termidor accredited pest control agency. We have been through extensive training and passed written examinations to ensure that we pass the rigorous standards set by Termidor. This accreditation is a mark of professionalism and quality and one which we wear with pride!


We are the #1 choice

We are so confident that we can banish the termites from your property for good that we offer full warranties on our work. Our comprehensive insurance policies will cover any structural damage which termites make to your property after we have carried out an extermination and certified your property.