Restaurant Pest Control Brisbane & Gold Coast

A pest infestation is a major issue for most businesses, but for companies in the food industry, it can spell disaster. The laws and regulations governing restaurants, food processing plants, food storage facilities and supermarkets are extremely strict, and with good reason. A contamination of a food supply at source would potentially endanger thousands of people, making restaurant pest control

a priority for all Queensland businesses.


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Restaurant Pest Control

The importance of restaurant pest control

With large fines and the possibility of being shut down, the stakes are high for the food industry where pest control is concerned. Pests are often more attracted to premises where food is stored, for obvious reasons, so these businesses need to be even more vigilant with restaurant pest control.

As with all pest control, the best defence is a good offence. This couldn’t be more true for the food industry. Putting thorough offensive strategies in place to proactively protect your premises will make the chance of infestation much lower. After a full inspection of your premises, and making the most of the latest forms of pest control technology alongside tried and tested methods, it is possible to enforce state-of-the-art pest deterrent systems. Annual restaurant pest control will ensure that the defences are working, and qualified professionals will be able to spot any early signs of infestation much sooner than the untrained eye.


What to do if you see signs of infestation

If a business does experience the first signs of an infestation, it is vital that they call restaurant pest control services immediately – time is of the essence. Responding quickly if you suspect pests will make the process much simpler and smoother.

Once the pests have been eradicated and extra measures have been put in place to prevent the problem from occurring again, deep cleaning is required. Pests leave behind excrement and residue which can be a hotbed for bacteria. This is obviously a risk for a company handling food, and all areas where the pests may have passed through will need to be cleaned thoroughly.

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