Types of Pest

Pests are everywhere and can crawl into your household or workplace unexpectedly. There are many types of pests that bring potential harm to the health and the environment through contamination and damaging of properties. Here at Mr Termite Pest Control, we are here to help you eliminate and prevent all different types of pests with our quality service and years of experience.


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Common Household Pests


Cockroaches are the most common house pests and well known for spreading diseases and are associated with various health risks. Exposure to cockroaches could put you at risk of salmonella, dysentery & gastro-enteritis. Eczema and childhood asthma have been linked to the cause due to cockroach droppings. It is important to respond quickly when witnessing the very first signs of an infestation to prevent the spread of this pest.

Some signs to look out for include:

  • Unusual odour
  • Damages food packaging and leather goods
  • Live cockroaches
  • Cockroach droppings
  • Egg capsules and smear marks on walls



Rodents are another type of common home pests that can damage buildings, contaminate food and transmit diseases such as typhoid and leptospirosis. Rats, mice, voles and possums are all part of the rodent family and are highly adaptable and capable of learning from trial and error. To prevent rodents invading your property, cleanliness and efficient rodent control is the key.



Ants are social insects that live in permanent nests. While colony sizes vary from dozens even millions, if you see signs of ant infestations it is important to treat the nest directly by locating where they are coming from. A good practice to begin is with by removing food and food residue that is exposed in the open. Surface spray pesticides are good repellents that provide long-term prevention of ant infestation. Finally, ant baits are a great option in settings where insecticides cannot be used or when you are unable to locate the nest. However, this method typically takes longer than other methods as it may require repeated attempts.

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