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When thinking about purchasing a property, it’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for. In Ipswich, building pest inspections are commonly used to ensure properties meet regulatory standards to save new homeowners from a nasty housewarming surprise. These building pest inspections are often conducted at the request of prospective buyers, however, as a property owner looking to sell, having a pest inspection report can help to boost interest and secure offers. These reports serve as proof of the property’s structural integrity and cleanliness depending on the type of inspection.


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Why Your Ipswich Home Needs A Building Pest Inspection

It has been found that 1 in 4 Australian homes will experience a termite infestation in its lifetime and will only be revealed when the property is under scrutiny. What’s more, studies have shown that such an infestation is likely to decrease the value of a home by more than 20%. Based on a small sample of Australians, a study has shown that 74% of potential home buyers feel compelled to remove a property from their shortlist altogether if they suspected a termite infestation. This means that, as a homeowner looking to sell, you could lose out on 20% of your expected ROI or worse still lose prospective buyers altogether.

Termite infestations affect 1 in 4 Australian homes

The same can be said for the prospective buyer. Without a termite inspection, how can you be sure your new Ipswich home won’t end up costing thousands in future damage repairs? Termite infestations are a serious threat to your home’s structural integrity and can result in the dilapidation of its very foundations. To make matters worse, a serious termite infestation can go completely unnoticed by the naked eye and can therefore spread across the framework of your home without the slightest suspicion. Get smart with Mr Termite’s extensive building pest inspections and ensure your home is termite free today. With the added peace of mind offered by our pest inspection reports, you can move into your dream home worry free and ready to furnish!

Here at Mr Termite, we refer to this service as a building pest inspection because not only do we inspect your home for pests but we also identify areas of your home that risk structural damage. Our building inspections are especially popular amongst prospective buyers looking to ensure that the home they’re planning to purchase is what it appears to be.

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Ipswich’s Leading Building Pest Inspections

Termite inspections in Ipswich can often cost an arm and a leg, which is why, we at Mr Termite, work tirelessly to provide quality service at an affordable cost. Our unbeatable low prices, coupled with our award winning building pest inspections, make for the ultimate solution to your pre-purchase concerns. Visit our Testimonials page to read the accounts of many of our satisfied clients and make the obvious choice.