Warranty & Insurance

Warranty Information

When you hire Mr Termite for your termite problem you’ll receive a warranty certificate which guarantees your home remains termite free for 12 months. This warranty is provided with every termite treatment and comes at no extra cost. With your annual termite inspection your warranty can also be extended for another 12 months provided you adhere to the advice outlined in the inspection report.

Termidor Warranty

As Termidor accredited specialists our Termidor termite treatment also means that you are eligible for warranty covering termite damage up to $2 million. You can learn more about the Termidor Warranty by following the link.

Insurance Information

Knowing that your property is fully insured against termite damage is peace of mind like no other. With our insurance package you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered for any structural damage that might occur to your home as a result of a termite infestation. You can read about the details included in our insurance offer below.

What is it?

We offer a 5-year insurance policy against structural damage caused by termites, which immediately comes into effect after application of our termite management system. This insurance policy is guaranteed by Pacific International Insurance Pty Limited, a reputed pest management insurer, and distributed Australia-wide by Rapid Solutions. They have your back even in an event of severe devastation caused by pests, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve. Since it’s a ‘no fault’ policy, you can rest assured that the claims will be settled without unnecessary delays.