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Moths are a common problem for many Australian households however many people either choose to ignore the problem or simply do not know how to get rid of moths. With the correct help and tools, moth control is an incredibly easy process however if you have a serious infestation of moths including the Australian moth or clothes moths, we highly recommend that you call upon professional pest control services.


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Efficient Moth Control

Most moths especially clothes moths love dark storage spaces like your cupboard or pantry. Clothes moth infestations are incredibly easy to spot and can cause damage to your household items in all stages of their life. The first indication that you have a clothes moth infestation is when you notice damage to any woollen items such as your wool jumper or wool carpet. As larvae, clothes moths love to eat natural fibres such as wool, silk and fur. Once they have developed into adult clothes moths, you will find that your clothes may have large holes chewed in them.


How to get rid of moths

Moth control is key if you want to avoid further costs and damage to your belongings. While there are many DIY remedies for moth prevention, if you have a serious moth infestation it is important you see proper help.

The removal of flying insects takes an experienced and professional pest control team so if you are wondering how to get rid of moths, look no further! We are experts in moth control and deal with all types of moths and pests including the Australian moth and clothes moths. Give us a call on 0411 642 351 and one of our professionals will be happy to assist you. We cover Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich.