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Witnessing a beehive near your home or office can be threatening and a shock to anyone who has no experience in bee removal. Bees are usually harmless when left alone and are not looking to attack you; only doing so when they feel threatened. We offer professional and effective bee removal in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich,

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Bee Hive

What to watch out for with bee removal

The bee can become very aggressive when interfered with their hives. A sharp barb is attached to a venom sac of the bee that is pumped into the body when one is stung. This sting causes local pain and swelling, which for some individuals the reaction may be severe and can range from painful swelling over a week to affecting the entire body. A rash over the body and swelling of the throat or tongue, vomiting, drop in blood pressure and diarrhoea can be some severe allergic reactions to a bee sting. Prevention techniques are important, especially during autumn seasons when the most stings occur due to the flowers disappearing and the bees hunting widely for food.


How to get rid of bees

Some prevention techniques are:

-Avoid fragrances, bees are attracted to the sweet scent

-Be wary of open food, especially soft drinks

-Avoid wearing bright colours, particularly floral patterns

-Wear garments that cover your skin


However, the only way to complete prevention is the beehive removal by a professional bee catcher. We provide high quality and effective bee removal services to eliminate all pests including termites, mosquitos, cockroaches and other infestations. We provide information regarding how to get rid of bees safely when approached by one, safe bee hive removals and prevention.

We are the professionals of the industry and will always provide a solution that is environmentally friendly and a dedicated bee removal and wasp removal tailored to your needs. Talk to us today on 0411 642 351 about your requirements and we will consult with you to eliminate and avoid any pests that get in your way.