Crawling pests

can be a nightmare to deal with when there is a full-blown infestation. At Mr Termite Pest Control, we are an experienced and dedicated team to eliminate the pests and prevent any future infestations.


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Our crawling pests services include:
AntsBedbugs – Ticks – Silverfish – Spiders – CockroachesSnakesTermites


Such bug types carry a range of serious illnesses and if these pests are not eliminated the risks of contracting an illness will increase. Follow the easy tips below you can try at home to avoid these crawling pests.

Outdoor Wall Covered in Crawling bug Infestation

Ant Removal Tips

Avoid leaving open food – Ants are scavengers and will be attracted to any open food or food scraps in the home. Make sure kitchen tops are wiped and floors are swept to avoid from ants finding anything.

Baby powder method – Simply apply powder onto ants as they hate scented talcum powder.
Vinegar method – Vinegar works as a much safer repellent than chemical pesticides. Simply mix water and vinegar at a 50-50 ratio and spray onto ant trails.


Bedbugs Removal Tips

Thorough clean – Clean all beddings, linens, clothing and curtains in hot water and dry on the highest setting. Using heat will get rid of live insects and disinfect the fabrics. Vacuum the bed, couch and surrounding area.

Replace your mattress – if your mattress is infested, the best way is to get rid of the current one and replace it. Make sure to clean the house and eliminate the bed bugs that may be living in other places before replacing the bed.

We are the professionals of the industry and will always provide a solution that is effective and dedicated crawling pest control tailored to your needs. Talk to us today on 0411 642 351 about your requirements and we will consult with you to eliminate and avoid any pests that get in your way.