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Wondering about rats control

? Rats are some of the most unsightly pests that a house can have. Not only can they do serious damage to your house furniture, but there can be serious consequences if these rodents decide to chew through electrical cables.

Mr. Termite is here to help eliminate the rodents from your home in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich. Our experienced and professional rodent exterminators will give you a high quality rats control service that will last. We will inspect your home and decide which form of action will provide the best results for your home.


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The best way for rats control

Let us take the time and effort away from your rats control so all you have to do is relax. We will bait and eliminate the rats from your home with as little disruption as possible.

We are so confident that you’ll be satisfied with the job we’ve done that we even give our customers a 12 month warranty across all of our pest removal services. So call today and gain the peace of mind of knowing that you will no longer be sharing your home with any unwanted visitors.


Dangers of a rat infestation

Even though one or two stray rats might not seem like a big deal the fact of the matter is that one rodent is often the sign of a larger issue. The contamination that can occur from rat urine and droppings can transfer disease, bacteria, fleas and worms which can leave you and your family severely ill.

That is why it is important to call expert rats control service to address your rodent control issue as soon as you become aware of it so you are able to prevent it from escalating any further.


Signs you have a rat infestation

Because rats can be quite large, it is easier to discover the signs that one is living in your home. Common signs include:

  • Finding rat droppings around your house.
  • Damage to wooden boards, food packaging and can be a sign that there has been a rat gnawing on objects inside your home.
  • Noises that can be heard during the night. People who have a rat infestation often report hearing scratching noises, squeaking and gnawing sounds.
  • Rat nests, which are created using plants, twigs, debris, garbage and old furniture, are found near outdoor areas of homes


If you’ve spotted signs of a rat infestation, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Mr. Termite on 0411 642 351. With the latest rats control strategies and a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, experience the Mr. Termite difference for yourself!