Types Of Cockroaches

It may come to a surprise for some to know that not all cockroaches we find scurrying around in our home are the same. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they prefer to live in different environments. The three most common species of roaches in Australian homes include the Australian cockroach, the German cockroach and the American cockroach. By learning more about the insects that are wandering around in our homes, we can make it easier to diagnose why we are suddenly infested with them in the first place.


Australian Cockroach

This cockroach is a common species that measures between 30-35mm in length. It is dark brown in colour and is easily distinguished by the yellow markings on its head and wings. Unlike the German cockroach, the Australian variety are able to fly and are typically found outdoors feeding on tree bark and other plant based foods – but they are also occasionally found indoors.


German Cockroach

The German cockroach is one of the most problematic species out there due to its rapid ability to breed. Considering how one female German cockroach can produce up to 40 eggs, it is not surprising to know that this species is one of the most common ones in Australian homes.

The German cockroach is smaller than it’s American and Australian counterparts measuring between 12-15mm in length. They are notorious for being difficult to eliminate because they are resistant to many chemicals used for pest control. These little suckers linger in and around your kitchen where there are plenty scrap food and water sources. The fact that they are smaller allows them to hide in the small cracks and crevases in your house and places underneath the fridge for instance.


American Cockroach

This cockroach is best known for being one of the largest measuring between 30-45mm in size. They are red-brownish in colour and are identifiable (similar to the Australian cockroach) through a yellow border located around its head. This roach is one of the more versatile kinds found as they prefer warm and moist conditions and are known to dwell in a variety of areas in the home. These include: wall and roof cavities, sewers, drains, cellars, rubbish dumps and any area where food is being prepared.


Now that you know more about the humble cockroach and what areas they like to live in, their sizes, colours and eating habits, you can use this information the next time you find yourself infested with these winged invaders to decide for yourself what the best course of action is for your home.

If you’ve noticed any of these scuttling pests in your home, don’t wait and let them spread. Offering experienced and lasting residential and commercial pest control, reach out and speak to a member of our team to eradicate your roach problem for good.