Does electronic pest control work

There are various manufacturers of ultrasonic insect and rodent control devices which claim to be able to deter pests through high-frequency sound waves. The idea is that the sound waves are not detectable by the human ear, but they are extremely uncomfortable for rats, mice and insects. Sounds like the perfect solution to your pest control problem, but be careful before investing.


The history of electronic pest management

Until 2001, manufacturers of these devices were able to place all sorts of claims on their packaging. This ended when the Federal Trade Commission issued a warning to all of the manufacturers of these devices asking them to provide evidence of the scientific research which backed up their claims. The websites and packaging of these products is now more transparent, with companies having to explain the research methods which led to the results that they are claiming.

If you are thinking of purchasing one of these devices, it is definitely worth doing your research first. The results appear to be mixed at best, with some effectiveness shown in some cases for some infestations, but there is little conviction in their messaging. None of the products are able to claim that they are 100% effective on any type of pest, so they are unlikely to provide any concrete solutions to your pest control problems on their own.


The benefits of electronic pest control

There is, however, some evidence to suggest that the devices can be useful when combined with other methods of pest control. For example, the sound waves can confuse pests and make them head for refuge. This can increase the effectiveness of any traps you may be using, especially for rodent control, as the pest may see your trap as a safe space.

The devices only have very short ranges, so the sound waves will not travel very far. This means locating the devices as close to the infestation as possible. They are also likely to get used to the noises they are hearing over time, so the devices will become less and less effective.

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