Simple prevention tips you can do today to reduce ants


Ants are a common pest, and in small quantities are completely harmless, but large nests can be disruptive and destructive if they are built inside the home. Our ant control services are extremely effective in dealing with ant infestations, however, there are many things which you can do as preventative measures, to try to avoid or minimise ant infestations in your home.


Seal the windows and doors

Ants are tiny and can, therefore, squeeze through even the smallest gaps in seals. The most common places they enter a home is through gaps in the sealant around windows and doors, or through tiny holes at the base of external walls. You may not be able to find all the gaps throughout your home but focus on the external walls and you’ll make it much harder for ants to enter.


Clean high-risk areas

Ants leave traces of pheromones behind them, which is what attracts more and more ants to follow. If you have had problems with ants in certain areas of the house before, clean these areas thoroughly to get rid of the pheromones. Just a simple mix of soap and water will do.

Make sure that you clean up and spills thoroughly, especially those with a high sugar content, and take out the rubbish regularly so ants cannot be attracted by the smell of the bin.


Store your food smartly

Don’t leave open packets in cupboards or on kitchen surfaces. Keep open food packaging in sealed containers and clean your floors regularly. Pet food is another major lure for ants, so try not to leave this out for long during the day.


Dry them out

We don’t necessarily associate ants with damp conditions, but ants need a moist environment to survive. Fixing leaks, diverting gutters away from the walls and tackling damp will all help to dissuade ants from nesting in your home. Dehumidifiers can also be helpful to remove excess moisture.

For large-scale ant infestations, or for help and further advice on how to prevent other crawling infestations from occupying your home, give us a call today.