Eliminate Bugs With These Pest Control Ideas


Whilst some people can happily live side by side with bugs with relatively few issues, for others, sharing their home with insects and arachnids is simply not an option. Whilst large-scale infestations require professional help to tackle, there are plenty of safe and easy ways you can deter individual pests from sharing your home. If you’re suffering through the unwanted house stay of the following common pests, here’s some quick and clever ways to get rid of them for good.



Good sanitation and thorough housekeeping are the key ways to stop cockroaches from moving into your home. But if you do see the scuttling menace here’s a couple of ways to give them the flick. While pesticides can result in a quick removal, they do bring the risk of harming pets or children, so they’re not for everyone. As a clever DIY strategy, mix three parts boric acid with one part sugar. The sugar will attract them while the boric acid kills them. This mixture won’t be toxic to children or pets so sprinkle it behind the fridge, under the sink and in any cracks where you think cockroaches may be hiding.



Silverfish are among the most mysterious of household pests. What are they? Where do they come from? How can I get rid of them? Silverfish are just small wingless insects and are completely harmless. But you can get rid of them easily by using boric acid. Silverfish are most likely to appear in moist areas such as bathrooms, garages, or around the kitchen sink. Sprinkle boric acid around these areas to get rid of the silverfish.



Dangerous spiders will need to be dealt with in a more targeted manner, but common house and garden spiders can be deterred using a homemade spray. Combine equal parts of water and vinegar and spray over known entrances to the home, such as cracks, vents and the gaps around windows and doors to stop spiders from moving into your home.


Fruit flies

Fruit flies tend to appear very quickly if an overripe banana is left on the side, or a particularly juicy bin bag is not taken outside. Thankfully, they are relatively easy to get rid of. Firstly, remove the thing that is attracting them. Secondly, fill a glass with about 2 inches of apple cider vinegar. Then cover the top of the glass in cling film and poke some holes in it. Leave the glass out for an hour or so, and most of the flies will be attracted by the sweet smell of the vinegar and will drown in the liquid.

If these tips, tricks and hacks have helped put a stop to your unwanted pests we’re happy to have helped! But, if your infestation seems to be growing and you’re feeling stressed and frustrated, reach out and speak to a Mr. Termite professional to get rid of the bugs for good!

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