Insurance Information

Insurance Information

Knowing that one’s property is fully insured against termite damage is an utter bliss and gives complete peace of mind. Now you, too, can enjoy this peace of mind by opting for our insurance scheme.

What is it?

We offer 5-year insurance policy against structural damage caused by termites, which immediately comes into effect after application of termite management system.

This insurance policy is guaranteed by Pacific International Insurance Pty Limited, a reputed pest management insurer, and distributed Australia-wide by Rapid Solutions. They have your back even in an event of severe devastation caused by pests, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

Since it’s a ‘no fault’ policy, you can rest assured that the claims will be settled without unnecessary delays.

How much does it cost?

The cost of this insurance policy is $360, which includes all government charges.
This means, for 5 years of protection, it turns out to be less than $1.40 a week.

What does it cover?

This insurance policy covers timber damage caused by termites, which is seldom covered by most building insurance schemes.

Once you have your termite management system in place, you are entitled to our termite insurance policy:

  • For five years from the date of installation of your termite management system.
  • All structural and decorative timber damages are covered, which means you do not have to pay a single penny toward repairs and replacements worth $100,000.
  • There are no hidden charges
  • The policy is fully transferable to the next owner, in case you sell your home. However, a nominal administration fee is to be paid by the new owner.
  • As per our recommendations, regular inspections of your home are mandatory.

Now you can bask in the knowledge that any timber damage caused by termites during the insurance period will be fully covered by our insurance policy.