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As the North East State of Australia, Brisbane experiences some of the country’s most tropical climates, especially in the warmer seasons. With the heat comes a crowd of little critters crawling about the house when the lights go out.


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Here at Mr Termite we’re dedicated to eradicating your insect problem with Brisbane’s leading pest control solutions. With pest control experts in Brisbane South and Brisbane Central, our team of qualified professionals are experienced in identifying local insects and applying the correct method to exterminate the infestation at the source. Our pest control services treat all insects native to Brisbane including:


We offer pest control for all unwanted guests from creepy crawlies to furry rodents.

Termite Control in Brisbane Homes

Of these pests, termites are by far the most troublesome because, while other insects compromise your home’s hygiene, termites compromise the very structure of its framework. Brisbane termite control has become a growing industry because of the many local homes that have suffered irreparable damage at the hands of these wood-eating pests. At Mr Termite, we’re dedicated to providing the termite control Brisbane needs in order to maintain the structural integrity of each and every home.

You can safeguard your home against termite infestation by keeping a wary eye on some of the tell tale signs. The first thing you might notice is a distinctly damp smell that linger in the air. If the weather doesn’t quite account for the scent then you best be on the look out for mud tunnels that trail around the base of infested walls. In saying this, the best and most accurate way to determine whether you have a termite problem is to organise a pest inspection. You can visit our Brisbane Building and Pest Inspections page to find out more.

Termite Treatments

If you establish that you do in fact have an infestation, then there’s only one way to exterminate them. With our award winning termite treatments you can exterminate your pest problem for good at a cheap and affordable price. Considering the growing demand for termite control in Brisbane, we boast of the highest quality termite treatments at competitively low prices regardless of your infestation. What’s more is, we’ve ensured that all of our termite treatments are completely home and family friendly. That means that not only are our solutions safe to use around the kids and household pets, but they also won’t leave behind unsightly stains on fixtures and furniture. If that wasn’t enough we’re also proud to say that our treatments are 100% environmentally friendly! No nasty chemicals or pollutants.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best, reach out and speak to a member of our Brisbane extermination team today!

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