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As the sunny State of Australia, Queensland has become associated with the summer loving lifestyle that its weather affords. Surfer’s Paradise is rightly named as the most popular coastal destination for the sun, sand and waves that are accommodated by the warm weather. However, Gold Coast residents aren’t the only ones enjoying the warmth. From moths and mosquitoes to ants, spiders and roaches, many pests instinctively surface during the warmer seasons. Considering the lengthy summers typical of Queensland regions, pest control in the Gold Coast has therefore become a rather popular request.


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Here at Mr Termite we boast of the highest quality pest control services in the Gold Coast. This is because we employ trained and dedicated exterminators that are experienced in identifying native pests and administering the appropriate pest control treatment to ensure your infestation is eradicated once and for all. In fact we’re so confident in the quality of our work that we provide a guarantee that your home will remain pest free all year round.

Statistics show that approximately 32% of homes in the Gold Coast have a history of pest infestations.

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Gold Coast Termites

Amongst the long list of pests that inhabit the Gold Coast stands the terrifying termite. While only a few millimeters in size, the common Gold Coast termite can cause more damage to your home than a family of rodents. It has been found that a single colony consists of approximately 15 million termites and only 0.02% of which needs to survive the year in order to chew through 90m² of wood. This sort of termite damage has been proven to cost the State hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair in the last few years. Don’t become another statistic, reach out to our Gold Coast termite exterminators to make the affordable and effective choice.

In the past 5 years, the State of Queensland has paid for more in termite damage than fires, floods and storms combined. Considering the flood damage we’ve experienced, that’s a lot of termite damage!

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Termite Protection

You can safeguard your home this year with our termite protection treatment that involves a deeply penetrating chemical barrier. With this treatment not only can you rid yourself of your existing termites, but you can also save yourself from further termite damage. Our qualified exterminators provide the Gold Coast’s most extensive termite treatment using an arsenal of knowledge and the latest in pest control equipment.

Say goodbye to your infestation with the greatest pest control Gold Coast has to offer. Here at Mr Termite we guarantee results to secure your home and the safety of your family.

Did you know that the termite population outnumbers humans 5 to 1? That makes 35,000,000,000 termites! With that many zeros isn’t it time you had your home inspected?

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