As one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, the Gold Coast experiences quite the population of residents, tourists and workers, and with this, comes a frequent turnover of homeowners, buyers and tenants. As the real estate market continues to fluctuate, new home buyers are looking for any potential flaw in the property that might reduce the asking price while homeowners are hoping to increase property values by any means possible. Requests for building and pest inspections in the Gold Coast have therefore increased with owners and buyers on the hunt for the perfect deal.


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Gold Coast Building Inspections

A homeowner that’s hoping to sell might request a building inspection for their Gold Coast property in order to ensure its structural integrity before putting it on the market. When a building inspection is conducted in the Gold Coast a report is provided upon completion outlining any areas of concern or otherwise certifying the security of the property. These inspections are conducted by trained professionals who are experienced in identifying the tell tale signs of a potential problem. Certain structural damage, for example, can be a sign of a pest infestation.

If your building inspector suspects a potential pest problem it’s best to have them conduct a pest inspection of the house to check for insects and rodents that may have inhabited your home. The high demand for pest inspections in the Gold Coast can be attributed to the State’s tropical climate. The warm temperatures and level of humidity create an ideal habitat for creepy crawlies and furry rodents alike. A pest inspection can help to not only identify the species of pest but the extent of the infestation in order to apply the best possible treatment. Here at Mr Termite, our team of qualified professionals have been well versed in identifying the various insects and rodents native to the Gold Coast and the most appropriate methods of treatment. You can learn more about our pest control treatments and the various services we offer by visiting our Pest Control page.

Termite Inspections in the Gold Coast

Among the many pest inspections we provide, termite inspections are the most sought out in the Gold Coast. This is because unlike many other pest infestations, they are amongst the most threatening to your home’s structure. This wood-eating insect can be classified under five different species of native Gold Coast termites, each with the same threatening nature. Of the 15 million termites that make up a colony, only 0.02% is required to chew through 90m² of wood in under a year. With such shocking figures, Gold Coast termites are not to be taken lightly and a termite inspection is recommended for even the slightest uncertainty.

If you’re unsure whether you have native Gold Coast termites in your home, give us a call for a thorough termite inspection and secure your home’s integrity today. You can speak to one of our qualified professionals about an obligation free quote when you call today!