Physical Barrier

Wherever there is timber, there are termites not too far behind. These tiny pests do millions of dollars worth of damage to homes all over Australia each year. It is so common in fact, that termites do more damage to homes each year than natural disasters do. That’s why that it makes sense to take the precautionary measure of implementing a

physical termite barrier

in your own home.


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Close up termite on wood barrier

The importance of physical termite barriers

Considering that most termite related damages to home aren’t covered by insurance, it is more important than ever to get a professional with the experience and dedication to produce high quality work that will last. Our highly skilled and qualified team at Mr. Termite are equipped with the experience to safely implement physical barriers in your home. By using physical termite barriers you are ensuring that your house can’t be invaded by subterranean termites which will can destroy the structural integrity of your home.

Whether you are building your home or renovating your existing place, these termite barriers can provide you with the safety you need to stop them from eating away at your home.


How do physical termite barriers work?

These physical barriers work by placing a barrier in between or underneath the layers of slab or pipe penetrations in your home. These will be made from a material that termites can’t chew through and are repelled by. Depending on what kind of barrier is used, they are often constructed from metal, crushed rock or synthetic materials such as deltamethrin. These physical barriers are a great alternative for people who don’t want to continuously have to spray chemical barriers around their home.

We are confident in the high quality service we provide which is why we have a 12 month warranty on all of our services so you can feel safe knowing that your home is in hands of professionals you can trust. Contact Mr. Termite on 0411 642 351 or [email protected] to receive your free quote today!