Pest Inspection

In many cases it can be difficult to detect the presence of pests within a property until it is too late and substantial damage has been done. This is why a pest inspection from Mr Termite can prove invaluable. When left to their own devices, pests can run rampant in parts of your home hidden from plain sight, posing a threat to you and your family and causing structural damage which is both expensive and complex to repair.

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Saving you time, money and stress

Our pest control specialists are equipped with years of professional knowledge and the latest technology, to detect the presence of unwanted pests. With a simple pest inspection, we can detect the presence of these unwanted guests in your house and save you the unnecessary stress, financial cost, and inconvenience that comes from pest infestations.

Our experts specialise in dealing with termites and other common household pests such as cockroaches, rodents, spiders, wasps, silverfish, ants and fleas. We are confident that our services are unbeatable in both price and service. This is why all our works comes with a 12 month warranty. We also understand that every home is different so our services are tailored to the specific layout and composition of your home to ensure your property is properly protected against destructive pests.


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Servicing Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Logan, and Ipswich, we are conveniently positioned to visit your property. Pests can be a nuisance but they can also pose a serious threat to your property, and more importantly your family. A simple pest inspection can determine the health of your property so take the first step towards preventing any unnecessary damage from unaddressed pests. Contact us today on 0411 642 351 or [email protected] and see how we can help you protect your biggest investment.