Termite Pest Control

Termites are one of the major causes of property damage across Australia. They are common pests but can be persistent and hard to get rid of. If left untreated they can cause thousands, and even millions, of dollars of damage to public and private property. Unlike infestations of other pests, termite nests require specialist and often expensive equipment to deal with. This makes DIY termite treatment time-consuming, difficult and costly, not to mention ineffective.

At Mr Termite Pest Control, we are a team of dedicated pest control professionals with decades worth of experience in ridding properties of termite infestations.


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We carry out hundreds of termite inspections each year, helping our clients to identify termite problems early on and to understand the risks particular to them. We use state-of-the-art technology, such as thermal imaging cameras, to look for termites in hard to reach places. This lets us see if there is a problem without the need to cause unnecessary damage to your property.


Once an infestation has been identified, we’ll carry out the whole extermination process for you. We will create termite barriers if necessary, use pest sprays if appropriate and apply Termidor to all affected areas.


Safe for pets and people


We know that a termite infestation is already an invasive disruption to normal family or professional life, and we do our best to tackle the problem whilst causing as little disruption as possible. We use only the highest quality equipment, which means that the methods we use are totally safe. We guarantee that the chemicals we use will cause no harm to pets or children.


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