Are the creepy crawlies hiding in your home causing you fear and discomfort?

Spiders are arguably one of the worst things in the world and while many of us would rather try to ignore them and forget that they exist, it’s time we take action against our eight-legged enemies! Say goodbye to

Australian spiders

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Mr. Termite can provide you with professional pest control that is guaranteed to last! Our qualified pest control technicians will inspect your home to identify the areas of concern and will use a specially formulated surface spray that will eradicate all the spiders from your home.

When most of us are confronted with a spider our first call to action is to go straight to the canned aerosol spray, the newspaper or the even the humble slipper. However, in many instances the presence of one spider living in your home usually means there are many more hiding elsewhere and considering how most spiders lay around 100 eggs, then it’s easy to see how you can suddenly find yourself infested with these critters.

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Common Australian House Spiders

Australian homes and backyards are the perfect breeding grounds for all kinds of spiders. After a rainy day, our outdoor areas give creepy crawlies the soil and foliage they need to create their homes and find their prey. During the winter time, these arachnids like to come into your home to find warmth and a dry place to find a mate. Some of the common species include:


  • White-Tailed Spider
  • Huntsman Spider
  • Redback Spider
  • Black House Spider
  • Funnel Web
  • Daddy Long Legs



Risks of Australian Spiders

There are very few cases of people dying due to a spider bite in Australia, that doesn’t stop them from causing a lot of discomfort. In addition to the common side effects spiders can also:


  • Can cause pain, mild to severe swelling, and sometimes death.
  • They can create webs which can collect dust and make it difficult for you to move around the house and outdoor areas.
  • Cause fear and panic amongst young children.


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