Termites cause millions of dollars worth of damages to home all over Australia. The worst part is that this is often not covered by insurance. That is why it is very important to address this problem before it escalates into a potentially costly issue.

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At Mr. Termite, eliminating termites and making sure that you home is safe and pest free is what we do best! Our years of experience has provided us with a wealth of knowledge that allows us to expertly inspect your home and treat it with the best products possible.

We also have Termidor accreditation which means that we have extensive knowledge using Termidor products and effectively do so while offering assured coverage of structural damage for up to $2 million dollars. Our work is also backed by our 12 month warranty which means you can feel confident that your house will receive a quality service that will last.


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We are dedicated to providing an elite service with top notch customer service which shows through the number of satisfied customers we have serviced.

Treatment for this sort of pest usually comes in two stages depending on your circumstances – remedial and preventive. Remedial treatment works to eliminate the colony of termites that are eating away at your home whereas the preventative treatment works to build a barrier to stop termites from going near your home.

Our termite treatment works two-fold: it aims to eliminate the pests in your home while a chemical barrier helps to prevent any future pest from coming back. All chemicals and solutions used in your home are 100% child and pet friendly so you can rest easy knowing your pest control treatment won’t be of any harm to your family.

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